2018 European Citizen Award for Odile Linden

Odile LINDEN shaped the understanding of European politics and cooperation between Member States in Luxembourgish schools and beyond.

As coordinator of the Luxembourg Model European Parliament (MEP), Ms Linden not only trained students in European politics, but also gave them a theoretical and practical understanding of the European Union through through specific programs, training and participation in MEPs’ meetings within the European Union.

Encouraging students to believe in their ability to make the world a better place by meeting people from different cultures, discussing their problems and eliminating prejudices – these have been Ms. LINDEN’s priorities.

On the proposal of the MEPs Mady DELVAUX and Claude TURMES and after a favorable opinion of the Luxembourg and European juries, the European Parliament has decided to award him the European Citizen’s Prize for the year 2018.“


see also: https://www.wort.lu/de/politik/europaeischer-buergerpreis-fuer-luxemburgische-lehrerin-5b223b4ac1097cee25b8b2ad

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