Odile Linden

Nationality: Luxembourgish

Languages: Luxembourgish, German, French, English, Italian, a tiny bit of Spanish, some remnants of Latin, Old Norse and Old English.

I studied English language and literature, as well as Italian at Lancaster University, and became imbued with English culture.

I teach English at Lycée Aline Mayrisch, after having spent the greater part of my professional life teaching English in the south of Luxembourg and co-directing a youth theatre group.

Throughout my life I’ve followed a variety of interests ranging from the more private to the more public ones, but not necessarily in the following order or at the same time:

reading, swimming, music, cinema, walking, politics, art, travelling, cycling, theatre, knitting and sewing, my husband and my three children, trying to motivate young people to take an active role in society.

After participating as an accompanying teacher in an international session of MEP I became interested in continuing the programme at LAML after the retirement of its initiator in Luxembourg, Jean-Pierre Kunnert. Thus my main job (apart from teaching) is to co-ordinate and develop MEP for Luxembourg.

My reason for promoting a programme such as MEP stems from a long-lasting wish to change a frequently unjust society and recognising that wishful thinking does not bring about a revolution. Giving students the necessary tools to raise their awareness and foster an independent and strong mind, while at the same time enabling them to follow their heart and working as a team seems to be the only way to achieve a balanced and socially coherent European community.

Europe for me means creating a unity, like assembling a patchwork piece of art, where each little part has its importance and finds its place.


Ms. Odile Linden was honoured with the 2018 European Citizen Award.